iPhone 14 Pro Max Ostand Magnetic Case


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iPhone 14 Pro Max Ostand Magnetic Case

Kickstand Your World

Halbach Magnets for MagSafe

The iPhone 14 Pro Max case built-in magnet ring aligns perfectly and offers a magical attach experience and faster wireless charging, every time. Just keep the case on your iPhone 14 Pro Max and snap on your MagSafe accessories such as MagSafe charger, battery pack, wallet.

Handy and Sturdy Stand

We have you covered if you are looking for a TORRAS shockproof Guardian iPhone 14 Pro Max case with a stand to free your hands to do whatever you want. This iPhone 14 Pro Max magnetic case is crafted with a sturdy Aerospace-Grade Adjustable kickstand that props your phone up in a vertical or horizontal model to watch videos, join online meetings, or chat online without holding it.

Rugged Military Drop Protection

This iPhone 14 Pro Max case stand is made of a matte PC back and a flexible TPU frame. The 4 corners are equipped with X-SHOCK 3.0 airbags, and 360° all-around impact-absorbed airbags inside are tested by SGS which endures 10000+ times drop with zero damage from 3FT height. Subtly enhanced 1.5 mm screen lips, 2.5 mm camera bezels, and upgraded 360° lens airbags protect your camera and screen from the daily grind.

25 reviews for iPhone 14 Pro Max Ostand Magnetic Case

  1. Maurice B. (verified owner)

    Besides being made of a nonslip grip material, it has a lip that can protect the screen. Not too big and bulky like some others. Also has a neat little hands free pullout for standing your phone up to view your favorite video. Well worth the investment!

  2. Ironhide Garage (verified owner)

    What I look for on a phone case: protection, functionality, aesthetics.
    – Protection: This one has a raised lip over the screen edges and the camera lense edges for added protection.
    – functionality: MagSafe case WITH a strong stand to set the phone down to watch and record videos horizontally and diagonally
    – aesthetics: looks smooth, clean, simple.
    Gotta see how durable this is now. I’ll be back for an update.

  3. Murph (verified owner)

    Beautiful case. It does show finger smudges on the back from oily fingers but aesthetically the case is beautiful and blends with the color of the phone. Work well w/ Apple’s MagSafe charger. Also works w/ a tempered glass screen protector.

  4. Bob (verified owner)

    Snapped on easily, tight fit, buttons worked perfectly, raised edges protect screen and camera. I like the ring stand, which works in horizontal or vertical positions and snaps back into closed position. I also use the ring to help stabilize the iPhone and sometimes helps to prevent dropping by slipping a few fingers into it. Mag charger attaches firmly. It’s a little slick, as it doesn’t have gripper pads, but works fine for me. I’m going to add a screen protector because it might get dropped on rocky trails.

  5. Tim (verified owner)

    Nice case. Feels good in hand. Magnetic back locks onto my wireless nightstand charger. The magnetic ring that flips out on the back for the kickstand is pretty clever. Works in portrait or landscape which is super. Overall I’m very satisfied with these cases.

  6. Nicole Seely (verified owner)

    Great case. Durable. Does not collect debris. Ring is sturdy and great for propping phone up. If I had to pick something to change… if you have smaller hands it is hard to use the ring to help hold your phone for texting since you cannot rotate the ring and the edges don’t cut you but will dig in.

  7. S.D.C (verified owner)

    Love everything about this phone case! It’s made from a durable matte finished material that looks & feels great in hand! Team that up with the functional MagSafe flip-down stand and you have a winner!

  8. Sri (verified owner)

    Very easy to use as a stand/ use as a support to hold phone between fingers while browsing. Have slight issues in charging the mobile device without removing the case as the frame interferes with charging pad in car. Found it slightly expensive and it depends on how long it lasts.

  9. David Nguyen (verified owner)

    The case is of good quality. Stand is very strong in landscape or portrait mode. MagSafe isn’t the strongest. The stands wants to come off the case a little bit when removing MagSafe accessories. Also case is pretty slippery compared to my Spigen clear case.

  10. Diego Leiza Pacci (verified owner)

    Una buena funda, áspera para no soltar o deslizar tu iPhone, se siente de buena calidad y seguridad, algo que no pensé encontrar en esta funda, tiene buen color y no hace ver a ll iPhone muy grande ni robusto

  11. Brian K. (verified owner)

    5 star case

  12. F. A. USA (verified owner)

    I was really concern with the look of the product, but after a few weeks, I can honestly say that it has meet and exceeded my expectations. I’m really impressed with the quality and fit of the product on my phone.

  13. Edwin Figueroa (verified owner)

    Excelente producto, precio y calidad, lo recomiendo 100%

  14. Chris C (verified owner)

    Has a soft but premium feel to the case. The stand is nice and sturdy and props up my phone nicely. For durability I’m not sure yet just got it today. Will try to make a update after a month of real world usage.

  15. Mark A (verified owner)

    This is such a clever case! The kickstand is flush in the back, which makes this case very smooth looking. Most other kickstand cases have a bump or some sort of above average protrusion. The hinge very very slightly protrudes but not enough to truly notice. Just thought to mention it. Speaking of which, the hinge is strong and not loose. Good with portrait and landscape orientations. Can even use it as a grip in a pinch.
    The bumper is grippy but won’t catch on your pocket. I wish the bumper was a bit thinner and the front screen lip also a bit shorter for smoother gestures. I am more of a “don’t use a case person”, so this is my happy compromise.

  16. Kathy L. (verified owner)

    Nice magnet, holds very well on my charger. Stand works well too.

  17. Michael Wright (verified owner)

    This case is great. Works well on Belkin charger!!!!

  18. Rafael Leal (verified owner)

    Excelente forro

  19. Richard M Clayton (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for in a case

  20. Abby (verified owner)

    I love the light weight, snug fit, and awesome features of this case. The MagSafe symbol doubles as a stand for your phone and is really solid all the way around.

  21. Kayla Billard (verified owner)

    I ordered this case because I saw how much my husband liked his and it stands both vertical and horizontal so I tried it out and I love it! The case is like oddly so smooth. Like velvet smooth and so convenient. Such a great buy I usually get a stylish case but functionality def won me over.

  22. Ruben (verified owner)

    I got the black case for my purple iPhone 14 pro max and it gives it a nice subtle contrast, it seems durable and the stand in the back is sturdy, would recommend buying if you’re interested in protecting your phone

  23. Peter Patumaranan (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with MagSafe products. Strong magnetic attachment.

  24. dan (verified owner)

    Good quality, nice, and fit. Pretty much recommend buying this item, but the price is a little bit high.

  25. SS (verified owner)

    Great color and quality.. Stand is strong and sturdy
    Does work with wireless charging 🙂
    I highly recommend, Thank you

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