How We Make With TORRAS Technology

TORRAS phone cases and screen protectors have earned their reputation with millions of users around the world.
We care about style as much as we care about protection. That's what we create with TORRAS Technology.

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classic translucent case that provides a high level of protection.

UPRO Clear

A 3-way clear stand case that allows your phone to stand horizontally and vertically.

Diamond Clear

A case with minimalist design, with the most sophisticated crafts and ultimate experience.

UPRO MagSafe

A 3-in-1 MagSafe stand case with robust protection and Halbach array.

iPhone 14 Case

iPhone 14 Series Cases

Transternity™ Anti-Yellowing Tech

Polymer Isolation and Anti-Yellowing technology for TORRAS clear phone cases.

Keep Your Case as
Clear as Day 1

We're #1 in Anti-Yellowing

For clear phone cases, with advanced technology for everyday dirt isolation.

What is AYF?

AYF is the abbreviation for Anti-Yellowing Factor. It's a measure of how long the surface of the clear case is kept from yellowing molecules, such as UV rays, hand sweat, cosmetics and more. The higher the AYF coefficient, the longer the anti-yellowing time.

All TORRAS clear cases are produced with the anti-yellowing standard of AYF 50.

0 %
0 h

Isolation Rate of
Yellowing Molecules

Anti-Yellowing Time

0 %

Isolation Rate of
Yellowing Molecules

0 h

Anti-Yellowing Time

ShockMAT™ Technology

We combine airbags of different shapes to form a protective shield that can cope with various impact forces.

Sliproof™ Technology

We develop the industry-leading Sliproof™ laser texturing around the
edges outside the case for increased friction and grip. This Sliproof™
laser technology helps create a continuous natural 3D Nappa texture
around the edges outside the case, ensuring higher slip resistance and
preventing the phone from falling.

3D Nappa

Five-Axis Laser

UPRO™ Technology

We prioritize protection, and we believe that a kickstand case can add more fun to your smart life. So we go further.

Golden Ratio Combined
with Ergonomics Design

According to the golden ratio of 0.618, we set the kickstand at the bottom of the case, making the case sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. When designing the V-shaped opening angle of the stand, we followed ergonomics and focused on how people interact with the phone screen, designing the kickstand with the best viewing angle of 52 degrees horizontally and 62 degrees vertically.

Bearing Strength Test

In the bearing strength tests, we used a rope to attach a 1kg weight to the stand case. Then we left the stand case downward and the weight in the air for 24 hours. As a result, the sticking position of the stand case is kept intact (no torn marks), and the stand functions normally at any angle.

Opening & Closing
Durability Test

We've performed over 3000 opening and closing durability tests on our stand cases in 3 different standing ways. This series of tests completely simulate the actual situation of using the stand cases with a real phone snapped in. Finally, the stands are still firmly attached to the case and smoothly opened and closed.

7-Series Aluminum
Alloy & Damping

TORRAS kickstand is made of the 7- series aluminum alloy material, which belongs to superhard aluminum alloy with good wear resistance. Its hardness is close to the steel bars, and is mostly used in the load-bearing structure of aerospace rockets and spacecraft. The strong damping force of the metal kickstand ensures an ultra-high level of stability during standing.

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