COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner – Long Endurance Version

(18 customer reviews)

  • - Chill, instantly. Cool down 27°F in 1S.
  • - Immersive wrap-around cooling with KU 2.0 chip. It improves the cooling performance at its best. Turn it on, turn heat off.
  • - Colossal 3D airflow power for neckfan. Fully personalize your temperature, anytime, anywhere.
  • - Live it up from dusk 'til dawn, 3H charge for up to 20H use
  • - Flex-to-fit 0-160°, COOLIFY 2 makes one-size-fits-all possible.
  • - Smart, as it should be. NTC smart temperature control and LED hidden design keep your temperature more manageable.
  • - Portable and safe, cooling made easy. Wrap around and breeze your neck safely thanks to 13x safety protection.
  • - Heating, from the inside out. It is also designed for keeping you warm in colder months. Go heated, go totally warm.
  • United States Patent, Patent No.: US 11,187,241 B1 


Battery Capacity:5000mAh
Maximum Battery Life:
Fan Mode 20h
Cooling Mode 3h
Heating Mode 6h
Color:Starry Black , Ocean Blue
Exterior Material:IML Material
Charging Time:3.5 hours

Carry Your Cool

COOLIFY 2 Long Endurance Version

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Highlight of COOLIFY 2

Cool, On The Go

COOLIFY 2 is the only wearable device that you can't miss, when you're planning a trip in summer. From the way to Disney or Anime Expo, to the immersive experience of the trip you long for, to the location in between scheduled activities, COOLIFY 2 keeps bringing a breeze with you, giving you peace of mind, not swelter.

Essentials for Outdoor Work

Some may have to work outdoors such as moving or delivering goods, mowing and more. A COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner is the summer must-have for them to beat the unbearable heat. Air flows rapidly around and leaves coolness, making work more delightful and productive.

Workout Made Easy

Sweating profusely is common when doing some daily cycling or jogging. COOLIFY 2 makes it easy and effective to relieve the fatigue caused by sweating. Wraparound design totally frees your hands while it's light and quiet enough for relaxing exercise. Fan mode is great for workouts, with the gentle wind that keeps you cool but not uncomfortable.

Why Choose COOLIFY 2?

Iconic Cooling

Get cool in 1 second! Exclusive cooling plates are combined with a targeted blast of airflow, giving you instant relief on the go or at home.

Individual Temp. Control

3 optional speed modes are tailored for individuals for precise temperature control. Manage your personal temperature anytime.

Sleek & Delicate Design

Exquisite like a work of art. Upgraded IMD material and premium touch feel add ultimate enjoyment to your cooling experience.

Iconic Upgrade

Longer battery life ensures you enjoy the coolness it brings most of the time.

Find the COOLIFY 2 That Suits You Best

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Carry Your Cool

COOLIFY 2 Long Endurance Version

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Why Choose COOLIFY 2?

Iconic Cooling

Get cool in 1 second! Exclusive cooling plates are combined with a targeted blast of airflow, giving you instant relief on the go or at home.

Individual Temp. Control

3 optional speed modes are tailored for individuals for precise temperature control. Manage your personal temperature anytime.

Sleek & Delicate Design

Exquisite like a work of art. Upgraded IMD material and premium touch feel add ultimate enjoyment to your cooling experience.

Find the Most Suitable


a. Press the power button — turn on/gear 1 2 3/turn off the COOLIFY 2.
b. Long press the power button for 1.5S at any mode/gear — turn off the COOLIFY 2.
c. Press the mode button– switch between cooling mode and fan mode.
d. Long press the mode button for 1.5S — switch between cooling mode/ fan mode and heating mode.
Of course not! The cooling effect ( Cool Down 27 °F in 1S ) refers to your body feeling temperature, not
your actual body temperature. It is doubtless that the healthy body temperature will be maintained at a balanced level.
COOLIFY2 uses 4 Negative Temperature Coefficient Sensors, helping the device to maintain an operation speed of up to 100,000 times per second. It will slightly change the temperature of cooling plate so that human body can feel constant cooling even at a temperature over 110°F.
The setting mode you choose will determine the battery life. The COOLIFY 2 can function for 18 hours in fan mode 1, or 1.8 hours in cooling mode 3. LED Screen shows clearly the battery life and setting mode.


COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner : Fan Mode 18 Hours /  Cooling Mode 2.5 Hours /  Heating Mode 5.5 Hours

COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner (Long Endurance Edition 5000 mAh) : Fan Mode 20 Hours /  Cooling Mode 3 Hours /  Heating Mode 6 Hours

COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner ( Limited Edition) : Fan Mode 20 Hours /  Cooling Mode 3 Hours /  Heating Mode 6 Hours

a. Quality problems within 365 days, a replacement is guaranteed(Man-made damage is not covered by the terms).
b. Inquiries about products will be responded to within 24 hours.

18 reviews for COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner – Long Endurance Version

  1. KEN (verified owner)

    The Torras Coolify 2 helps me keep cool when I am hiking.

    I was looking for something that would keep me cool when it was hot outside, especially when I am hiking.

    On my hikes I have used cooling gaiters with some success and later combined it with a hiking umbrella. But there are downsides to the gaiter (it keeps me cool, but it dries out and does not last for my entire hike) and the umbrella (the trails are sometimes narrow or overgrown and there may be other hikers on the trail and the umbrella would get in the way). So, I continued to look for other products that would keep me cool.

    I first heard of the Torras Coolify when I saw a lady wearing it at a restaurant. I had just finished a hike in hot weather. I asked her if her neck fan worked and she said something to the effect of “I wouldn’t go anywhere without it”. She told me her husband bought it for her from Amazon and that he had purchased one for himself. I took a picture of her neck fan so I could look it up when I got home.

    When I got home, I looked up the Torras neck cooler on Amazon. I saw that it was much more expensive than the other neck cooling devices on Amazon, so I was very hesitant to purchase it. I looked at the other “neck fans” and read their reviews and they seemed okay, but I still liked what I read about the Torras Coolify 2 in their product description and in their product reviews.

    I overcame my hesitancy to try their product because of the 30 days return for any reason policy.

    I ordered the Torras Coolify 2 (5000mAh) and received the product quickly (it came the next morning). The Torras Coolify 2 was packaged well. I was pleasantly surprised with how the product looked and felt. It felt sturdy and looked well made. I was able to try it later that day because the Torras Coolify 2 came already charged. I took a short walk so I was able to keep it on the lowest cool setting (C1) for the entire walk and I definitely felt cool.

    During the next few weeks, I used it on three hikes. Due to the length of time that I would spend on the trail, I knew that the charge would not last on the lowest cool setting for my entire hike, so, I switched between the lowest cool setting and the lowest fan setting. The charge lasted until the end of my hikes using this strategy and it really helped me endure the heat. I did notice the weight of the Coolify around my neck and the Coolify 2 got a little warm from use, but this was offset by the comfort I felt using the Coolify 2.

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the after-purchase support. I received an email from Gwen shortly after I purchased the product. She reminded me to activate my warranty and said if I had any questions, to just send an email. I did send a few messages to her and I received a prompt reply to each one of them.

    My main concern now is how long the Coolify 2 will last. The warranty period is only 180 days. I am hoping that it lasts a lot longer than that because it really helps me.

  2. KL (verified owner)

    I ordered the Coolify 2 4000mAH on July 2022 and have been using it pretty much every day since. I commute to work on the train and temperatures can vary greatly from station to station and cart to cart. Coolify has helped me immensely for these situations. Everything worked perfectly for about 200 days, but unfortunately, I broke the power button by pressing it too hard into the device. Everything else still functioned, except the power button. I reached out to customer support about my situation. I was assigned a representative named Winky, who despite my 180 day warranty having expired, went ABOVE AND BEYOND in order to assist me with my issue.

    Battery Life 7/10

    The Battery Life is about as advertised. In hindsight, I would have paid up a bit more for the 5000mAH model.

    Build Quality 8/10

    Despite the power button breaking, which may have been my fault? The overall build is very solid. The tips of the device can sometimes clap against each other, which can be a bit annoying. Aside from that, just upgrade the buttons 😀.

    Customer Service 15/10

    Never in my life have I experienced better customer support. I will spare the details of all the events, but I will say, just the customer support alone has won me as a customer for life. I expected nothing more than a simple, “Sorry, you are out of warranty”, but received the absolute best customer experience in my consumer life!

    5 STARS!

  3. D.C. (verified owner)

    The product works very well this was a medical necessity and not a spurge due to radiation treatments I’m so thankful the seller went above and beyond just let’s you know there is still good people in the world and yes I would recommend this to anyone needing to keep cool especially due to hot flashes…..

  4. Rhonda G (verified owner)

    I love my new neck fan as I use it just about every day. Pleased with the arrive time as it came on time. The vendor is extremely responsive and tried to mitigate an issue I thought I had . I actually misplaced my carrying case, although they could not offer a replacement case they asked if I would be open to receive an alternative bag at their cost. I thought that was a customer forward move. I did actually find my original case and first thanked them for their offer and then informed the vendor that I had located my carrying case. I use my neck fan just about each time I leave my home, hot days or not. The reason why I do is I have anxiety due to a number of tragic events. Before I leave my home I get worked up and my head heats up, as soon as I place my new neck fan on it feels like I have ice on my neck. Although my this device has higher settings I tend to use the first setting. This device immediately calms my disposition down to a point my head isn’t hot and I feel great. Now on hottie days I find while already out I will put on my neck fan and turn up the settings a second and even a third level to feel a more intense coldness on my neck. The fan output increases which is the air that is blown up towards your face, there is no separate fan control but I find that fact a non issue. In addition my neck fan has a similar fan but instead the area around my neck has heat. I haven’t used that setting yet, but after I do I will update my review. I find once on my neck this device is well secured and i actually find it comforting. In a 8 hour day this fan will last I tend to have a 30% remaining live but I carry an external charger to ensure if needed my device is ready for use. The packaging was well done secure. The box that house device is a sleek eye catching and professionally made and durable for storage for day packing when I move. The case is aerodynamically designed easy to handle. The device inside casing secure the device for minimal movement. From a scale from 1-10 with one begin low and 10 being the highest satisfaction possible I would go beyond and give it 11+

  5. Steve Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I bought this for my wife. She absolutely loves it. She is a nurse and is always cold. The hospital is always cold as well so she mainly wears is at work. People around her also lovr it. She gets a lot of questions about it so I am guessing that the will soon be many more purchases. It seems like everyone around her also loves it.

  6. Marie (verified owner)

    So, I have this condition that my body overheats after 10-15 minutes of working out in the form of itching irritated skin that won’t calm down unless I rest a couple a while before I start up again. You can imagine for a good work out it would take half the morning on and off.

    This was the only gadget thats saved me. after ten minutes or working out… or whenever I felt like my skin was starting to overreact, I’d turn on this gadget around my neck and in less than a minute I was ok! Can’t tell you what a blessing its been!

  7. Steve Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I bought this for my wife. She absolutely loves it. She is a nurse and is always cold. The hospital is always cold as well so she mainly wears is at work. People around her also lovr it. She gets a lot of questions about it so I am guessing that the will soon be many more purchases. It seems like everyone around her also loves it.

  8. danielle selph (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these for myself and my husband. We work all over the country in every kind of weather you can think of. These coolers are amazing. I say coolers but they have a really good heat feature too. We take them everywhere. My husband has severe asthma and has attacks if he overheats. This compact, quiet little machine has saved him so many times from overheating. We use them both over our collared shirts and on bare skin. They’re very versatile and easy to clean. The environment your in will dictate if you use it over or under clothes but it’s always such an important tool to have to be comfortable. We can’t say enough good things about these coolers. In fact, everyone we know asks about them and asks to borrow them because they’re just so great

  9. Todd Christensen (verified owner)

    I had somewhat low expectations, maybe I should say reasonable expectations, but I thought if this thing can make a small difference it will be some relief from the summer heat. Well, I am VERY impressed with how well this thing works. It has far exceeded my expectations from many perspectives. It cools you far more than I expected. I know it’s a bit of an illusion, but whether I feel cooler or am actually cooler is of no consequence when you’re hot. It’s a relief no matter how you look at it and I love it. It does what it claims to do. But it’s also very comfortable. I don’t like wearables and I’m not a fan of things around my neck, but this is actually quite comfortable. It’s not as obstructive as it looks and you kind of just forget you have it on. It’s very light. And the battery life is excellent. Surprisingly so, even. It charges very fast and lasts very long, good for any outing. This particular model came with a nifty hard-shell carrying case for travel that is also quite nice and practical. It’s not the cheapest thing, that’s for sure, but if after your purchase you can say, “Yeah, I’d buy this all over again knowing what I know now.” Well, then I think that means it’s worth it. Can’t say enough about this thing. Changes my whole outlook on the summer.

  10. Scott (verified owner)

    I’m slowed down by the heat and we’ve had a lot of it the last few months. I decided to take a chance on this, hoping it wasn’t a gimmick. It is not! Kind of getting busy on the head now, with sweatband, eye protection, ear protection, and now this, but I had to do something to get through the summer/fall lawn mow/edge/weed wacker season. I bought the 5000mAh model and it lasts through the chore on medium.
    I only have a 10W charger so it takes 3+ hours to recharge.
    The controls all work fine.
    It’s a bit noisy with the wind sound, but what do you expect? The noise sounds like wind. I don’t hear any objectionable whiny breaking the sound barrier fan type noise.

    I was thinking the Continent should use these to get through the summer and winter, now that their nat gas supply is so limited.

  11. GMoney (verified owner)

    This device does get cool and offers relief from the heat. The 2 side plates get very cold and I found it works best doing a 10-15 minute on a/c level c2 and then 10 minutes on f2. This extends the battery life greatly and when going back to the c2 a/c mode you keep the cold sensation going and going.

    I used this device in 85 degree weather at a soccer match and with the above method stayed more comfortable than everyone around me who had sweat on their faces sitting in the sun but I did not. The price point might scare most people away but if you think about having a portable a/c device that you can wear it’s not bad.

    There is some fan noise but to me it was expected, after all there is a fan blowing at your neck level below ears. On c1 or f1 mode it’s negligible but those two modes in my opinion are for mid to high 70’s for added comfort.

    Take the leap and give it a try and if you have a real world expectation you won’t be disappointed it is hands down cooler than any regular neck fan out there.

  12. YOO KYUNG TAK (verified owner)

    I purchased it for control facial sweating during work.
    It’s very helpful and comfort comparing other products. Especially direct cooling pad using peltier module is very advanced idea for other products.

    But…. It’s too weak. Several days ago, I dropped it and I found one of fan is out of order. Yes. Only one drop. Because one of cooling fan is not working, the cooling pad no longer maintains its peltier effect. So when i turn it on, I feel cold at my left neck otherwise warm sense at my right neck.

    Anyway I think this is the best neck cooler since I bought various coolers, I am thinking about re-order seriously. But…. the durability is very severe problem.

  13. Rockville Couple (verified owner)

    I was skeptical spending this much on what I thought was going to be just a neck fan but the cooling elements actually get cold. It also had a heat option, so this is much more than I expected. It is a bit bulky, so if you are doing yard work and wear protective ear muffs, they will bang against each other. I would NOT recommend these if you are doing yard work or other physical activity, but if you are just walking, attending a sporting event, they are great. Would be nice if the battery had a longer life, but overall, highly recommend these. Battery technology will continue to improve, looking forward to that day when these last all day.

  14. Gretchen Diaz (verified owner)

    This updated version has cold/heat strips which is awesome. The added option of heat means this can be an all year fan. Football games in the cold won’t be an issue. It’s a tighter fit on your neck which makes it a little noisey and if you use the cold button then the battery life goes very quickly. It’s very easy to charge and doesn’t take long either. Overall, this fan is saving me in the heat big time!! I’d definitely recommend it and believe it’s worth the money, especially with the warranty. I’m using mine daily and love it ❤️

  15. Karen (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product. Instead of turning on the air conditioner to cool off the whole house, I can just put this around my neck and feel instant relief wherever I’m at. The cooling plates on the neck, yep, wonderful.
    Hot flashes immediately relieved with this.😎
    Battery life isn’t the best, down to 20% after about 1.5 hours on C1, which is the lowest cool setting.
    Overall, I am pleased. Have used it every day since the day I received it. Haven’t used the heat side yet. Winter’s coming.

  16. Ed Restoff (verified owner)

    I purchased the TORRAS Coolify2 Neck A/C Long Endurance Limited version in Carbon Black on June 15, 2022. Therefore, I have had time to use it through several charge/discharge cycles. My main reason for purchasing this unit is to use while I work on my lawn and landscaping in the Florida sun/humidity. I wish this device had been around sooner, since I moved down to Florida in 2005. So far, it has been exactly what I need to keep me comfortable while I toil in the hot sun. It normally takes me anywhere from 2-3 hours to accomplish mowing, edging, trimming my lawn and landscape shrubbery. A full charge will get me through just fine with a little charge to spare. That was all I asked, and the device did not disappoint. I hope the longevity of the unit will be worthy of the price tag. But then again, I am on my fourth garage A/C unit and my second whole-house A/C unit since 2005. And thankfully, I haven’t had to spend a single dime on snow shovels, snow blowers, plows, rock salt or other winter related paraphernalia since I’ve been down here.

  17. Brysia yang (verified owner)

    Construction Work
    This product has the right idea and mind set. I live in the northern part of America. It get very humid and hot over the summer. This product was able to blast air from my neck to my shoulder. It felt like it was working, until the battery ran out. ( 2 hours or so)(mode: cold 1-3 are about the same battery usage (10min more depend if you leave it on c1) leading me to search for a outlite. I thought I can just plug it into a potable charger and have it running. Sadly it doesn’t work like that. Look like the product was set not to operate. Cant pull out the battery for rotational charging (charging feel like forever when it come to work) (more of a inconvenience). I am awaiting it future product that has a 10 hour battery life or was able to run with a portable battery. I will like to have a battery indicator button too. Only way you can see the product life is when you plugged it in into a power source.
    Work Out and Morning Jogging
    It a bit heavy for a jog and work out. Good Grip and design, but the weight make it easy to toss around. I have a short neck, but while doing lift and jumping, the device seem to just get thrown off by own body reaction. I do not recommend adding a strap to the front of it. Seem like a chocking hazard if so. It alright for a walk, but you might as well enjoy the park/view.

  18. Jeremy Capps (verified owner)

    Very well built, long lasting battery, extremely comfortable and custom fits everyone neck. It’s very easy to use, the screen shows the percentage of battery and which mode you want which is great. The value of coolify 2 is worth the money!! The case is durable and strong. The packaging it come in is very impressive. Feels like you’re opening a $600 – $1,000 product. Fan speeds are strong and extremely quiet. The cooling mode gets very cold in seconds and the heating mode heats up within 30 seconds. Well designed to not suck up hair. My wife used it all day and not once did it get her hair. She loves that part. A lot of other fans would suck her hair into the blades. Not this one. Coolify 2 battery lasts all day and charges quickly. Comes in a lot of cool colors. Best part about this company is their customer service. It’s next to none!! Very professional and fast to respond. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable and can answer any question you have about the product. Best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. Can’t wait to buy more products from this company. I’d give them more stars if I could!!

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