TORRAS iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Helps You Show Your Style in a Special Way

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has been a hit right now. If you’ve spent over $1,000 on a gorgeous smartphone, you’ll probably want to “dress up” it well while making sure it’s well-protected. There’s no doubt that choosing a case that allows you to personalize your phone can better match Apple’s latest technology and design.

A solid color case will cover up the beautiful back of your new iPhone, and a clear case seems not that special. How about a translucent case showing your phone in a mysterious way? TORRAS, the top-tier accessory maker, has launched their translucent case Guardian family lineup, to celebrate your style, and help you determine the best translucent cases worth buying.

1. Guardian Series

Key Features

  • Translucent Back Cover
  • Triple Airbag Protection
  • Nappa Texturing Edge
  • MagSafe Compatible
  • Detachable 3-Color Buttons

The Guardian iPhone 14 Pro Max case features a translucent back cover to deliver a sense of mystery and romance. This frosted design helps you show off your fashion in an understated way, and it won’t fade or get dirty like those clear cases. The sprayed elastic paint on the surface makes it as smooth as silk and velvet.

Smooth but still grippy. That’s all because its edging is designed with Sliproof™ Nappa textures. One of the biggest features of Nappa leather is that it retains natural textures. This Guardian iPhone 14 Pro Max case provides a delicate edging that interacts nicely with your fingers.

Further, it has a slim profile and delivers uncompromising toughness that exceeds military drop-test standards. X-Shock 3.0 tech is employed to protect the parts that are most likely to get hit when facing a drop. 360-degree surrounding airbags give edge-to-edge protection, while the patented camera lens airbags hug the rear camera tightly and provide air cushioning.

A good case will strike a balance between protection and style. This Guardian iPhone 14 Pro Max case provides customizable buttons in 3 colors, to add some fun to your smart life. Each button is set precisely and delivers a tactile response to every press.

2. Guardian MagSafe Series

Key Features

  • Halbach MagSafe Charging
  • Triple Airbag Protection
  • Translucent Back Cover
  • Nappa Texturing Edge
  • Detachable 3-Color Buttons

This Guardian MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max case has a translucent back with an extra built-in magnetic ring that supports MagSafe charging. TORRAS proposed a new Halbach solution with a magnet structure that produces the strongest magnetic field.

The Halbach array magnet ring aligns perfectly with MagSafe chargers and other Qi-certified chargers. With stronger magnetic force, this iPhone 14 Pro Max case can be firmly attached to all MagSafe accessories like MagSafe charger, wallet, battery pack, car mount and more.

While making charging easier, it provides top-notch protection against scratches and drops. Combining the latest X-Shock 3.0 airbag tech, 360-degree surrounding airbags with L-Shock camera lens airbags, your phone is fully covered and well prepared for any impact. There is also the Nappa texturing edge to increase grip and avoid slipping.

The additional features like detachable buttons in 3 colors are also worth keeping an eye out for. You can decide the color that matches your outfits. Moreover, this iPhone 14 Pro Max case is crafted with an upgraded Nano-oleophobic coating that is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch, and ensures a silky sleek touch feel. You will never be bothered by annoying fingerprints.

3. UPRO Matte MagSafe Series

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 Magnetic Ring
  • Halbach MagSafe Charging
  • Powerful Drop Protection
  • Translucent Back Cover
  • Nappa Texturing Edge

The UPRO Matte MagSafe series is the most versatile option on the list. MagSafe has been around for almost two years, and most of the latest iPhone cases support it. But there’s hardly a MagSafe case like this—it has a physical magnetic ring, a stand that supports viewing in 3 ways, and a grip for your convenience. This UPRO Matte MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max case is such a 3-in-1 accessory for your new device.

The magnetic ring is also built with a Halbach array and acts like an invisible hand that firmly hugs all MagSafe accessories. No need to worry that shaking the phone would loosen the accessory or cause it to fall.

A 3-way standing can be realized by pulling the ring down through the notch at the top. The viewing angles are adjustable up to 70 degrees, which allows you to always find a comfortable viewing position. Made of durable Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, this magnetic stand supports more than 30,000 uses.

You must have some embarrassing moments like having no pockets and leaving your phone nowhere when carrying a large parcel. Don’t worry. This UPRO Matte MagSafe case will give you a hand. With just one finger getting through the ring on the back, you can take anything you want simultaneously. The case fits firmly with the phone’s body and will never fall.

Focusing on protection as well as functionality, this iPhone 14 Pro Max case is equipped with X-Shock 3.0 airbag tech, so there is no way for your phone to suffer any damage. The raised screen lips, camera bezels and L-Shock rear camera airbags are specially designed to protect the vital parts of your valued new iPhone 14.

Choose the Right Case for Your Phone

If you’re finding a special and solid case for your new iPhone, the Guardian case family offers some of the best options. They all have the same transparent back, but the functions are varied. Just select the right one as you need and make sure that one is compatible with your phone, and aligns with your lifestyle.

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