TORRAS COOLIFY 3 Wearable Neck Air Conditioner – Hyper Strong Cooling

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  • Instant cooldown by 37°F around your neck
  • Multi-directional, refreshing airflow
  • Charge to 100% in 3 hours with fast charging technology
  • Charge while in use to maximize the cool time
  • 6000mAh battery for ultra long-lasting cool
  • Light, ergonomic engineering, fit for any neck size
  • Smart app control (The app is available in the US only)


Battery Capacity:6000mAh

Maximum Battery Life:

Fan Mode(F1-F3)
F1: 13h 33min
F2: 9h 02 min
F3: 7h 05 min

Cooling Mode(C1-C3)
C1: 2h 33min
C2: 2h 13 min
C3: 2h 02 min

Heating Mode(H1-H3)
H1: 4h 31min
H2: 4h 06 min
H3: 3h 22 min

Exterior Material:IML Material


Instant icy feel comes from high-efficiency semiconductors powered by the game-changing KU 3.0
chip, cooling down every inch of the skin on the neck in a snap.

Mind-Blowing Immersion

Aerodynamic airflow system blows crisp air in four directions, bringing comfortable breezes up to your face,
and down to your waist.

Ergonomic Fit for Everyone

Wide Flex

Suits any neck with flexible wide angles.

Versatile as You Are

Front/Rear Control

Control the front and rear separately.
Keep the nape temperate and the
sides cool as you like.

Heat/Cool/Fan Switch

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Custom Mode

Create your own mode and use it for your moment.

A New Way to Live

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What's in the Box
Portable Carry Bag
18W USB-A to USB-C Fast Charging Cable
100% Degradable Package

Which COOLIFY is right for you?

Long Lasting Cooling

Packed with high-density 6000mAh Li-ion battery to provide longer cooling, so you can relax in the heat for up to 18 hours on just one charge.

Ergonomic Fit for Everyone

Suits any neck with flexible wide angles.

For All Seasons

Available in Heat/Cool/Fan modes with three level settings, COOLIFY 3 allows you to stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and comfortable all year round.

A New Way to Relax

Which COOLIFY is
right for you?

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