TORRAS Snapiel Reusable Screen Protector Review

The TORRAS Snapiel is hands-down one of the most well-constructed screen protectors we Screen protectors are hard. It’s very tricky to install them and the end result is often unsatisfactory with air bubbles or scratches or even small particles of dirt stuck between the phone’s display and the screen guard. The market is flooded with a wide variety of different screen protectors which all claim to provide a hassle-free, perfect installation but experience is proof that these claims are quite hollow. Well, not anymore. We just came across the Snapiel screen protector from TORRAS and it is something else! 

TORRAS Snapiel: What’s in the box?

We started this article with how the Snapiel Reusable Screen Protector is something above the competition and that is evident from the box itself. You get a thick, heavy box with a lot of knick-knacks to aid the installation process. In the packaging, you get an installation frame which can be attached to your iPhone to align the screen protector perfectly. Then there’s a small microfiber cloth and a wet wipe to help clean your phone free of dust before the installation. You also have a neat squiggy tool which can be used to push any bubbles that you get after applying the screen protector.

Of course, there’s the screen protector itself with its very premium and soft to the touch feel. In addition, you also get an Adhesive Repair Patch, which is the key to making this screen protector reusable. We’ll talk more about how in the following sections.

TORRAS Snapiel: How to install?

The initial installation process for the TORRAS Snapiel is pretty convenient and easy. Follow the steps below to get a perfect installation:

  1. Place your iPhone on a well-lit and clean surface so that you don’t miss any small dirt particles on the screen before installation.
  2. Take the wet wipe included in the package and use it to gently clean the screen from edge to edge (Tip: Try wiping it in a single direction as that helps isolate dust particles better)
  3. Once done, take the microfiber cloth and carefully wipe your iPhone to dry the screen
  4. Attach the installation frame to your phone. Now, align the screen protector with the installation frame and carefully stick it on the phone. Press it down with your finger on the top and slowly slide your finger towards the bottom
  5. Remove the installation frame once done. You can use the included squiggy tool to push out air bubbles, if you got any.

Note: A wonderful benefit of having the TORRAS Snapiel is that even in a dusty environment, you can always take off the screen guard and re-attempt the installation until you’re satisfied! 

TORRAS Snapiel: How to reuse?

The TORRAS Snapiel screen protector is a fine product with many features but the biggest selling point by far is the ability to reuse it over and over. TORRAS claims to use their state of the art, patented mSiO2-refill technology which automatically detects all the dents in the adhesive layer and automatically repairs it at a molecular level to achieve the same level of adhesiveness as a fresh coating.

As a result of this groundbreaking technology, you can take off and reapply this screen protector multiple times till you get the right fit. In addition, our phones go with us everywhere which is why they accumulate a lot of lint, gunk and dirt from time to time. Whenever it gets stuck under your screen protector, you can simply take it off, wipe your phone clean and re-apply it, instead of purchasing and applying a brand new screen protector. Not only is this helpful in saving the cost of a new screen protector, it also helps save the environment by promoting re-use instead of other use and throw screen protectors.

To re-apply the screen protector, simply take off the Adhesive Repair Patch included in the packaging and apply it on the sticky side of the screen protector. Take it off after a few seconds and your screen protector is as good as new, ready to apply again! 

TORRAS Snapiel: Quality Analysis

By now, we’re all aware that the party trick of the TORRAS Snapiel reusable screen protector is to sport the ability to be taken off and effortlessly re-applied again. However, once that’s done and dusted, how is the quality of this screen protector? In one word, excellent!

The TORRAS Snapiel is hands-down one of the most well-constructed screen protectors we have used. It has a very smooth to the touch finish which almost feels like the real display of your iPhone. If you’re someone who doesn’t like applying screen guards because they don’t feel as good as the display glass, you should definitely give this one a try. The fact that it is inherently bubble and dust free further helps seal the deal.

In addition to great finesse, we also have a high level of endurance on this product. TORRAS claims that the Snapiel is anti-scratch and wear-resistant, surviving over 30,000 cuts without a single scratch. There’s also 15KG, 6 feet military-grade protection which will help protect your phone’s display from accidental drops and bumps.

Despite all this, my favorite feature of the Snapiel TORRAS is hands-down, the brilliant quality. It is a very high quality, crystal clear sheet of glass which just feels really good to the touch. It does not accommodate any fingerprints and hardly gets and smudges that you would want to wipe clean. The proper edge to edge dimensions also mean that it precisely covers every inch of your iPhone’s display. 

TORRAS Snapiel: Conclusion

In the boring, hassle-ridden world of screen protectors, the TORRAS Snapiel Reusable Screen Protector is a product that finally stands out. Even though it is expensive at $30, we believe it is worth the premium just for its ability to be reused multiple times. The fact that it is a huge step up in quality over the competition is cherry on the cake!

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