Best iPhone 14 Case: TORRAS Lets You Show Your New iPhone 14, and Your Lifestyle

Apple has just unveiled their new iPhone 14 series, strikingly coming with several gorgeous colors like deep purple, space black, gold, blue and more. When you have your new iPhone, you may probably want a clear case to showcase the modern design of its back, while giving it the protection it deserves.

However, most clear cases are prone to getting dirty and turning yellow very quickly, even in a week or earlier, so you need to get a new one for your phone. TORRAS, a leading phone accessory and electronic device brand, has provided some of the best options with their clear cases, which build on their new Transternity™ anti-yellow tech and exclusive AYF standard. They ensure extra long-lasting clarity of the iPhone 14 phone cases, and prove that a clear case can keep clean and protective at the same time. Check TORRAS official website and amazon store.

TORRAS launches 3 clear case series, including Diamond Clear, Aquanova, and UPRO Clear. Although they are all clear cases, there are still some subtle differences among them from the perspectives of materials and functions. Protective as usual, let’s see how they stand out.

1. Diamond Clear Hard-Back Case

Key Features:

  • Anti-yellowing, fingerprint-proof
  • Military-grade drop protection
  • X-Shock airbag protection
  • Compatible with MagSafe and Qi charging

    Diamond Clear case is a hard-back iPhone 14 case with 4H hardness and composite materials. It’s made with the Top German Material and Polymer Isolation Technology, which brings a surprisingly high resistance to oxidation by UV rays, sweat and cosmetics. As a result, it has incredible anti-yellowing performance making this iPhone 14 case totally clear for 90 days.

    Clear case even gets stronger. It delivers the best possible toughness that exceeds military drop-test standards with an ultra-thin design. Thanks to its dual X-Shock airbags inside and outside the four corners, this iPhone 14 case is stronger enough for a wide range of impact. The X-Shock 3.0 technology is the latest airbag innovation from TORRAS in 2022. Built-in X-Shock airbags are designed to reinforce a cushion against collision from the inside. The X-Shock airbags outside the four corners double up on protection from daily drops.

    Moreover, TORRAS also develops its patented L-Shock camera lens airbags on the rear camera. It is a wraparound airbag for the rear camera lens, tightly embracing the lens and easily dealing with any bumps or scratches. Combined with the raised camera bezels and screen lip, the vital parts of your phone are comprehensively covered.

    2. Aquanova Soft-back Case

    Key Features:

    • Anti-yellowing, slim and lightweight
    • X-Shock airbag protection
    • L-Shock airbag for rear camera
    • 360-degree surrounding airbag protection
    • MagSafe and Qi charging support

    If you’re looking for a clear soft case, Aquanova must be the first choice. Made from molded TPU material, Aquanova is a soft and slim iPhone 14 case bringing a premium touch feeling. Actually, a soft case is tested to be more capable of absorbing impact and pressure due to its exceptional flexibility. It fits your palm when you hold it and gently cossets your phone.

    The TPU material also contributes to a nice grip, which makes you less likely to drop your phone. Aquanova is also built with the X-Shock 3.0 airbags on the four corners to disperse the impact from all directions. What’s more, you’ll find there’s a 360-degree slightly raised surrounding airbag inside the case, especially when you touch it with your hand. It’s reported that a phone with this surrounding airbag would receive 30% less impact than that without airbag protection.

    A good clear case can stand the test of time and won’t turn yellow as it ages. Then, of course, Aquanova is always the best worth your attention for keeping it always transparent with TORRAS Transternity™ anti-yellow tech.

    Turning yellow is a major drawback of clear cases, but Aquanova, even all TORRAS clear cases promise more than 90-day clarity, while similar iPhone 14 phone cases turn yellow in just 5 days or less.

    3. UPRO Clear Kickstand Case

    Key Features:

    • 3 Different-Angle Stable Standing Ways (Up to 62 degrees)
    • Anti-yellowing, slim and lightweight
    • X-Shock airbag protection
    • MagSafe and Qi charging support

    At last, I would like to review another TORRAS clear case, UPRO Clear. It is a slim clear case with a kickstand built in. This UPRO Clear iPhone 14 kickstand case has the same hard-back as the Diamond Clear case, and offers a 3-way kickstand for you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows or FaceTime your family or friends. The kickstand is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material and provides the best viewing angle of 52 degrees horizontally and 62 degrees vertically.

    Adopting Transternity™ anti-yellow tech, UPRO Clear iPhone 14 stand case keeps it clean as long as possible while letting you enjoy an impeccable hands-free experience. With TORRAS X-Shock 3.0 airbags and their exclusive camera lens airbags, your phone is well-prepared for any drops. Protective and versatile, I believe this UPRO Clear iPhone 14 stand case would be the most valuable essential you invest in your new iPhone this year.

    Show Your True Color with TORRAS

    Don’t hide your beautiful new iPhone 14. Fit it into TORRAS clear case and show the original color of your phone, and your lifestyle. These TORRAS clear cases are protective, slim and MagSafe-compatible, so it’s also convenient for you to use your MagSafe accessories for fast wireless charging. Find the right clear case for you now.

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