Solid Color or Transparent Phone Case?

Do you prefer a solid color phone case or a transparent case in your daily life? Those who choose a solid color case may think that it’s not so easy to turn yellow, while others think that a transparent case can show all the brilliant design of the back. Here we’ve made a list of the solid color cases and transparent cases from TORRAS for every kind of user.

Solid Color Case

When it comes to TORRAS solid color case, we would like to introduce the Slim Fit series that prioritizes thickness and protectiveness at the same time. Slim Fit case is a hard and thin case made with PC material. Ultra-slim and lightweight, this case provides a secure grip while it adds no bulk to your phone. For example, the iPhone 13 case is slim at 0.03 inches and only weighs 0.63 oz. The Slim Fit series case features a raised bezel around the camera lens and a lip higher than the screen to protect your phone from scratches and dents whether you place it or drop it.

Unlike silicone cases that often stick to pockets and collect lint, every inch of the Slim Fit case is nano-finely polished with an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating that keeps fingerprints and smudges away. Moreover, the independent buttons are sensitive enough for every touch.

Transparent Case

TORRAS has 4 types of transparent cases in total. They are Diamond, Crystal Clear, Diamond-G Clear and a stand case MoonClimber.

The Diamond case is a hard case with composite materials. It’s made with the TOP German material and Polymer Isolation Technology, which brings a surprisingly high resistance to oxidation by UV rays, sweat and cosmetics. As a result, it has incredible anti-yellowing performance and enhanced protection for mobile phones because it’s super scratch-resistant. The Diamond case is built with our latest exclusive X-SHOCK airbags inside and outside, doubling up on the protection to the four corners.

The Crystal Clear case is a soft case. With Germany Bayer TPU material and Polymer Isolation Technology combined, it provides a crystal clear appearance and ultra-high transparency like its name for an extra long time. It’s also equipped with 4-corner X-SHOCK airbags, always keeping the phone secure at its best. What’s more, 360-degree surrounding airbags are set to protect the phone from breaking, while the patented camera lens airbags keep the camera lens safe from shattering and scratching.

Diamond-G Clear is another clear case with a 9H hardness tempered glass back panel. With the highest transparency and refreshing cool touch, the Diamond-G Clear case showcases all the beautiful design of the back and brings the best possible experience. It is as smooth and clear as ice. With Polymer Isolation and Anti-yellowing Technology, it will keep clarity as day 1 for a long time. We also give it the best protection–4 corners X-SHOCK airbags, 360-degree surrounding airbags and patented camera lens airbags, to ensure your phone is all right even facing a severe drop.

MoonClimber is a versatile clear case for those who need a kickstand for entertainment. Like other TORRAS clear cases, the MoonClimber case is made with Polymer Isolation and Anti-yellowing Technology, ensuring long-lasting clarity during use. To fully cover the phone, the MoonClimber case is equipped with four-corner X-SHOCK airbags and patented camera lens airbags. Most importantly, the MoonClimber case allows your phone to stand horizontally and vertically in 3 ways, which is super convenient when you binge-watch your favorite videos or Facetime with your family or friends.

Solid Color or Transparent Phone Case? You have the answer, don’t you?

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