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Guardian series plays a groundbreaking role in the TORRAS phone case business. Our team keeps fusing passion and profession into every piece of the case that protects your phone and allows you to showcase your personality. The Guardian series is consistent with our philosophy. Let’s take inspiration from its iconic design, to your future life.

Enhanced Protection

We prioritize protection over the phone from the very beginning. Designers believe that protectiveness is the most important part of a phone case. We go deeper through customers’ needs. Most people who are planning to buy a phone case want to protect their phone from damage at its best. In the past, the demand for mobile phone cases was rather simple.

Based on the first generation, we make innovations on the upgraded version of the Guardian case. Our designers pioneer the exclusive X-SHOCK technology for the four corners of the phone that are most likely to be hit. Why do the corners most easily get damaged in the first place? They explain that our mobile phones don’t fall straight down to the ground with the screen or back downward in most situations. As what we’re talking about, corners are usually the first and most common part to suffer when a phone is dropped.

Then the X-SHOCK airbags designed on the 4 corners can effectively disperse the pressure while the phone is facing a drop, which reduces or eliminates damage to the phone. In addition to the X-SHOCK design, a wide range of airbags in the shape of honeycomb grooves are evenly distributed around the inner part of the phone case, giving the mobile phone 360º protection. Your Guardian case can therefore dispose of various impacts from all directions.

We also attach great importance to the protection of lenses and screens, which are the essential parts of the phone. A raised 1.0mm bezel around the camera and a lip that’s 1.2mm higher than the screen allow you to feel free to slide your phone on any surface and give you peace of mind while your phone is accidentally dropped.

Anti-slip Side Design

We carried on more in-depth research, and decided to change the material on two sides of the case. When you’re holding the phone, overly smooth sides can easily cause the phone to slip out of your hands, increasing the risk of falling. It is quite important to improve the anti-slip index of the side to enhance the protection. The Guardian designers think that the textured design can greatly increase friction between your fingers and the case. The texture of many mobile phone cases on the market is rough. But our designers don’t think that should be the case.

We prefer a more delicate texture material and aim to provide a better holding experience. As it won’t bring discomfort to your hands or collect dust in between the texture like similar products, the material we adopt on both sides makes it super easy and comfortable to hold.

It’s almost summer now. Sweat on hands can make the phone case slippery and cause your phone to slip off accidentally. Our curved and delicately textured edge design delivers the perfect grip, ensuring the best grippy protection.

Distinctive Back Design

The Guardian case impressed people a lot with its translucent design when they were first released. The solid color case seems too commercial, while the transparent case is too easy to get dirty. So how about a translucent case? Guardian designers wanted a case that would add some fun and keep it fresh, looking like new even after it’s been used for a long time. That’s why they bring the translucent case. Guardian made a difference after its world debut.

Compared with clear case, a translucent case is more fingerprint-proof and has premium touch at the same time. Our designers have also done a lot of research on the transmittance of the back. They ended up choosing a transmittance of 12% to 13%, which is the perfect way to present the style of both phone and phone case.

Customized Multi-color Buttons

We believe that a phone case is also a mirror that reflects your personality. What case you choose will showcase what you want to show to others. We think this should not be a one-sided or monotonous aspect. Many people would prefer a simple lifestyle and minimalist design. But how about adding in some playful or funny elements? Life is never just one color. So designers come up with ideas about colorful buttons for customization, providing perfect matches and new inspiration about life.

The buttons are optional to decorate your phone case based on your preference. You can DIY your case at will. The precise cutouts make the replaceable buttons easy to assemble and disassemble, letting you change the color you want effortlessly. We encourage people to be different, creative and brave to express themselves in their own way.


Practicality and exquisiteness are etched in our DNA. The only thing we’re doing is to make life better with technology and optimize products to keep up with your lifestyle. The Guardian series is undoubtedly the most important part of our lineups. We design for love, all to ensure our users enjoy the best experience possible.

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