TORRAS is Proud of Being a Climate Pledge Friendly Partner

We’re excited to announce that we’ve become a “Climate Pledge Friendly” partner as our Guardian and Diamond series got that label. We spare no effort from the very beginning to offer better options for protecting the planet and building a sustainable world. Now we are taking a big step toward our business.

What’s Climate Pledge Friendly?

The Climate Pledge is an environmental protection plan launched by Amazon, which aims to reach net-zero carbon by 2040 and help customers shop more sustainably. In September 2020, the Climate Pledge Friendly label first appeared on Amazon. The products highlighted by the Climate Pledge Friendly label indicate that they are more eco-friendly than others.

There are two ways to get the Climate Pledge Friendly label. One is to get certified by one of the sustainability certifications featured on Amazon’s certification page, while the other is to obtain the Compact by Design certification. As a new sustainability certification, Compact by Design is created by Amazon to identify products that have a more efficient design. After removing excess air and water, the product requires less packaging and is more efficient to ship. This impressively reduces carbon emissions for reduced product size and weight.

We’re Ready to Make a Difference

TORRAS team always attaches great importance to the development of the planet, while bringing satisfactory products to our customers. As a carbon footprint report showed there’s a 19% increase in greenhouse gas emissions from 2019 to 2020, we believe that we’re obliged to make purchases more environmentally friendly and to provide our customers with more opportunities to live a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why we managed to get a pledge of climate.

According to statistics, purchasing a Guardian phone case from TORRAS can reduce carbon emissions by 3.75kg, and buying a Diamond phone case means 3.4kg fewer carbon emissions.

Now, only 0.02% of Amazon’s 350 million products get the Climate Pledge Friendly label. We’re honored to be a part of it and trying our best to realize this goal for all mankind. We carried out various investigations day after day, cooperated with German institutions and passed a variety of detailed inspections. Finally, we obtained this certification after 260 days.

When you purchase phone cases of the Guardian or Diamond series, you’re helping make a better world

For every purchase you make from Guardian or Diamond series, there are about 3600g fewer CO2 emissions to produce. Join us and become a Climate Pledge Friendly partner by purchasing specific products from TORRAS. Do more good to the planet we live together on, which is doing good to us humans.

Please note that TORRAS now has a new label on the backside of packages of the Guardian and Diamond series. Only the upgraded package got the label, but all the Guardian and Diamond products got the certification.

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