Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming on June 19. Are you well prepared for the celebration?

In the United States, Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1910, to honor fatherhood and paternal bonds. On Father’s Day, people get a chance to appreciate their fathers in their own way. And a delightful gift will definitely make your dad smile. Below we have a great proposal to keep your dad cool and cozy for the upcoming seasons.

TORRAS recently launched a portable neck air conditioner, COOLIFY 2, for every dad that can’t stand the heat in summer. Fathers are always prone to sweating, and they endure the sweltering heat for their families most of the time, whether they are cooking meals at home or working outside. The upgraded COOLIFY 2 is right for every kind of father.

For the dad who loves to cook:

The kitchen is often full of heat when he turns on the oven or cooks on top of the stove. Most household kitchens don’t have fans or air conditioners, which makes it difficult for summertime food preparation. Having a neck air conditioner is quite necessary because it totally frees his hands and allows him to fully devote himself to cooking.

When your dad stirs fry or makes soup, his upper body is actually the hottest part. Precisely targeting the neck that best senses the heat or cold of the body, TORRAS provides the cooling option of a wrap-around design that regulates people’s body temperature while it fits perfectly on your dad’s neck.

For the dad who works in the hot sun or in a sweltering environment

Some fathers may have to work for hours in the scorching sun or in a sweltering factory building, and sweat may keep their clothes wet. A neck air conditioner is also suitable for your dad as he constantly moves around. COOLIFY 2 helps him control temperature individually and keep cool all the time during his work.

Especially for the dad who needs to work physically, COOLIFY 2 will not bring him any burden at all. It is only 387g and lets your dad feel like it isn’t there when wearing. The wrap-around design enables it to stay in place no matter how your dad moves.

For the dad who works in the office

Offices almost have air conditioning. But temperature perception can vary from person to person. COOLIFY 2 excels at individual temperature control and builds personal temperature zones for your dad. He’ll feel the exact cool as the neck air conditioner circulates airflow 360 degrees all around in various cooling modes. Moreover, COOLIFY 2 is perfect for your eco-friendly dad, for it reduces energy consumption caused by large-scale air conditioning.

COOLIFY 2 will never disturb him when he’s thinking or working. Because it only has 55dB of noise even when it is switched to maximum gear. Just let your dad enjoy comfortable cool with little to no noise.

For the stylish dad

With sleek and elegant design, COOLIFY 2 is not only the cooling gadget that brings your dad the best possible cooling experience, but also a stylish addition to his wearable tech collection. There are 3 colors available including starry black, ocean blue and arctic white, for dads of different characters and preferences. The special edition with a temperature-responsive color-changing coating is extraordinarily unique and vivid when the temperature changes. More than just black, we add the vibrant orange in the playful color switch-up, to keep your dad always in style and in sync with the temperature.

Last but not least, we equipped it with heating mode. With a COOLIFY 2, your dad will never bear heat or cold while working or going the extra mile for your family.

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