Green Options Transforming Air Conditioning Industry through Individual Temperature Control

The air conditioning industry has been impacting the health of the planet for energy consumption and environmental pollution through the years. But TORRAS, a pioneering brand of personal cooling, is making a significant breakthrough. They launched the neck air conditioner, COOLIFY2, which brings new changes through individual temperature control.

What is Individual Temperature Control?

Individual temperature control consists of an air control system equipped with individual temperature sensors, to monitor and regulate individuals’ body temperature. This helps maintain body temperature balance and dynamically keep individuals comfortable, while in a group or a larger area. The precise temperature control enables people to have personal temperature zones, regardless of the surrounding temperature.

Temperature perception can vary from person to person. In a work area with dozens or hundreds of people, one may still feel hot at a specific temperature, while others think it doesn’t matter. Individual temperature control brings temperature variation to keep the temperature more manageable and provides the most suitable temperature for individuals.

Individual Temperature Control Makes Sense

Traditional air conditioners deliver large-scale cooling. They run on electricity and produce gaseous emissions that deplete the ozone layer and cause climate change. It’s predicted that by 2050, about 25% of global warming will be caused by air conditioning.

Imagine that you’re enjoying your favorite TV shows in a 200-square-meter house at 77°F while the outside world is scorched by the sun. Your air conditioner works without stopping to keep you cool and comfortable. And you must have more than one air conditioner in your house. As you move from the living room to your bedroom, there is a need to start another air conditioner. It’s really energy-intensive, isn’t it?

So, it is quite necessary to reduce the use of air conditioners and create a personal temperature zone.

Cooling Goes Greener

In recent years, more and more experts in the cooling industry have devoted themselves to the research of individual temperature control and got some solutions. Among them, neck fans or neck air conditioners provide the best options to beat the heat by wrapping around the neck. Portable, totally hands-free and environmentally friendly, they are now well received by a great number of users.

As a miniature version of the air conditioner, neck air conditioner circulates airflow 360 degrees to bring constant cooling from your neck to your body with little to no environmental pollution. COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner takes a big step towards individual temperature control. The built-in thermal contact conductance and smart temperature control system make it smarter to regulate individuals’ body temperature. This system can accurately sense individuals’ real-time temperature. When the temperature reaches a preset value, it will automatically reduce power or adjust cooling, which provides a better cooling experience as well as helps save energy.

But the cooling effect isn’t sacrificed for environmental protection. 105 pairs of cooling particles are placed on both sides of the cooling plates, thus greatly leveling up the cooling performance. With semiconductor cooling technology and an improved KU 2.0 chip, the cooling speed is up to 1 second.

“COOLIFY 2 helps users create a personal temperature zone, which bears the mission of TORRAS to make people’s lives better” – said Carrie Kong, CEO of TORRAS.

Personal cooling is more efficient than traditional large-scale cooling in terms of energy consumption, so there is an urgency to promote the popularization of personal cooling. TORRAS upholds the concept that technology changes the future, and constantly encourages more users to start by adapting their lifestyles, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.


Founded in 2012, TORRAS is an innovative brand with a design philosophy of “Simple but Unique”. They now have an R&D laboratory that spans over 2,000 square meters, and have obtained more than 1,100 patents thus far, with 36 of its products winning prestigious international design awards including the German Red Dot Award.

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