Hiking is seemingly the last thing that any outdoor enthusiast would miss. Summer hiking is indeed a good way to enjoy the sunshine and breathe fresh air. However, the summer heat is most likely to hold you back in the first step. Carry an ice bag or a pedestal fan with you along the way? Never! I can’t think of a better summer thing than COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner, which allows you to feel constant cool while it fits perfectly around your neck.

To help make your trip safe and satisfactory, we’ve put together a few traveling tips.

Get All Essentials Well Prepared

Make a checklist and pack what you need for the trip before you set off, to stay safe outdoors all day. Here is a packing guide for reference:

  • Navigation Tools: A map, compass or GPS are needed to ensure an effortless hiking trip. You’ll want to know your location and the next exit at all times, as well as where the rest areas are. Preparing the necessary navigation tools enables you to keep peace of mind and leave worries about the unknown far behind.
  • Adequate Water & Food: Water is probably the most important thing that keeps you energetic and empowers you to enjoy the hiking at its best. Make sure to hydrate during your hiking trip especially if it’s scorching hot outside. Besides, you’ll hope to be full throughout the hike. A sufficient energy supply is an engine to keep you motivated.
  • Sun, Rain & Mosquito Proof: Make sure your backpack is well prepared with sunscreen and a raincoat or larger umbrella to protect your skin from sunburn and avoid getting wet. Mosquitoes or ticks are some of the insects that are most likely to be encountered on your hike. You can use some mosquito repellent or insecticide so that you don’t have to let these pests ruin a great hike.
  • Safety Protection: A safety kit includes a flashlight and a whistle for any situation. A flashlight guides you in the dark while a whistle sends a distress signal. A first aid kit that includes gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and any medications you may need is also essential.
  • Cooling Items: Heat waves outside in summer are unbearable unless you have a portable cooling item. A COOLIFY 2 neck air conditioner is ideal for a hiking trip than other neck fans for its outstanding cooling performance and ultra-long lasting battery life. Remember to charge your COOLIFY 2 for nearly 3 hours to ensure an all-day cooling time during your summer hike.

Choose a proper and pleasurable trail

If you are very fascinated by the scenery of a certain place or mountain, you have to make a relatively detailed plan for the route. Download a map of the area or other excellent online resources after choosing a proper trail, to avoid getting lost or unexpected accidents. Easy paths allow you to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Check the weather

Getting the weather for the day or in recent hours can provide you with a specific guide on what to wear, what to bring, or give you valuable information you need. If it is forecast that the weather will be terrible, knowing ahead of time will never be too overwhelming.

Wear the right shoes and socks

Choosing the right shoes and socks is vital to a pleasurable hike. Hiking on hot days always requires a pair of lightweight and breathable hiking shoes and socks. Shoes that are made with nylon and polyester are lightweight and easier to move around. But if you’re traversing rough mountainous terrain, you may want to have a pair of shoes that offer excellent support.

Make sure your cell phone has enough power

Bring your cell phone just in case. Make sure your phone has enough power while camping, and turn it off when not in use to save battery power. It’s a good idea to bring a power bank to charge your phone when it’s running out of power.

Summer hiking is always exciting. So start planning now!

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